3 comments on “I Love Fast Travel.

  1. Hmm, not for me. I played hundreds of combined hours of Elder Scrolls, same for Fallout 3 and 4, The Witcher and all other open world games – especially Red Dead Redemption 2. For me, the travelling is so much of a part of the game, it immerses me in the world, and I hate using fast travel as it kind of breaks the spell. The only exception is when I’m coming towards the end of a game and want to get it done, but even then, that’s a very rare example. I just finished Death Stranding and didn’t use the Fragile travel points once, unless forced to by the story.

    Recently, I DID use fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn. About half way through the game I was so bored with the dull, empty world, but was enjoying the story, so literally fast travelled between every mission to race to the end.

    So overall, I’m glad it exists, but usually I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

    • Exploration is as integral to an open world game as gun’s are to FPS’s. I used to relish Red Dead Redemption’s environments. Galloping half way across a map to start a mission, only to find that I’d have to come all the way back. It was very rarely that I’d fast travel anywhere.

      A point I didn’t address about the convenience of fast travel though is time. The constraints of work and family responsibilities means I’m not really afforded the time, nor the energy, to explore these densely populated world’s with the same enthusiasm that I once did. Though I wish I could. Perhaps that should be an indication that I shouldn’t be playing them anymore, but I’m a sucker for an open world game.

      Thanks for the comment. Always nice to get perspective on the thing’s I enjoy, but rarely get to talk about. Cheers.

      • Oh absolutely with you there, these days I find myself checking ‘How Long To Beat’ before committing to a game! I find I can really only do a couple of those big open world games a year, and have to be very selective. Nothing worse than getting 15-20 hours in and realising you’re just not enjoying it! I remember as a kid relishing the idea of some 100 hour game and loved JRPGs for that very reason. Nowadays, there’s loads I’ve missed out on. I only really get to play a couple of hours on an evening if everyone else has gone to bed, so it’s very slow progress most of the time. Maybe I should consider using fast travel more? I suppose the trade off is immersion vs practicalities and actually maybe being able to play more games… Certainly a thought.

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