One comment on “Goodbye Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer.

  1. Uncharted 2 was my first big foray into competitive shooters. It remains one of my favorites. I loved the maps and the simplicity of its setup. No loadouts. Instead an old-school weapon pickup system and few perks combined for a relatively level playing field for players. It wasn’t about which weapon you unlocked, but your skill and knowledge of the maps. The co-op was a lot of fun too. They messed up the health model in an update and it was never quite the same, but I will always remember it fondly as both a really good time and an important title in my gaming history. I enjoyed Uncharted 3 as well though not quite as much. My favorite part of that one were some of the new modes particularly 2v2v2 which I was sad didn’t make a return in 4’s MP. I’ll miss these game’s multiplayer. I didn’t return to them in their final hours either. While I was once quite good at these, I feared jumping in with any remaining diehards may make for a sour final experience and decided to leave the more fondly remembered experiences in my head as my lasting memories. Great write-up! I definitely agree these games’ MP modes never got the attention/credit they deserved!

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