2 comments on “Finishing With Games, Before They’re Finished.

  1. Yep – Breath of the Wild. Okay, so maybe I *really* stopped playing because I got stuck in a tough spot at Castle Hyrule, but honestly, I’ve no desire to go back to it (for now) because I’m happy enough with the time I put into it.

  2. Man this articles resonates with me! I have this happen to me all the time and I’ve had to train myself to let go sometimes, especially as I’ve gotten older and had less time.
    But I’m also pretty obsessive. The mark of a game I truly love is if I come back again. A game like Witcher 3…I played through it since late 2015. I’ve taken months long breaks from it but I always come back (and am about to start on its final expansion pack after an 8 month hiatus). I love the game but its overwhelming!
    I purchased Horizon Zero Dawn at release, played for month and something just didn’t click for me. But then on a whim, I picked it up in April 2018, restarted it and beat it. It became one of my favorite open world games ever.
    Red Dead Redemption 2…I started it in Oct ’18 and quit in Mar ’19. It felt like a chore but I think that might have been because I was caught off guard with how much content was in the game. There was enough that I loved for me to pick it back up a week ago and restart it, this time playing it a bit more focused (this is a game I don’t want to 100%).
    We’ll see if I truly love the game which will only become clear if I finish it.
    But then you have games like Dragon Age Inquisition, Shadow of Mordor, Breath of the Wild or any number of Ubisoft games. All of these games, I enjoy for about 20 hours (which is short for me because I freakin’ walk everywhere in open world games). But then I put them down and never return. Those are the games I may like somewhat but will never love.

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