2 comments on “The Uncharted Short Film Might Just Be The Best Video Game Adaptation Ever!

  1. Dude it was one of the greatest movie adaptations ever to grace the screen. I’m sure a full length movie would work. I’ve always been of the same mind as your fine self in thinking that Nathan was probably passed his prime but he certainly looks the part in this. Naughty Dog were definitely inspired by Captain Mal in the creation of Nate Drake and for me Fillion is the only person truly suited to take up the mantle. I feel the official Uncharted movie will just be a let down after seeing this.
    A small series of you tube shorts like this one would be the perfect antidote to Hollywood’s constant butchering of the games we love.

  2. I have to agree with Mr. Gordon there — it was better than most action movies…ever! I’d also be down for this being just a web series over a full-length feature. Nathan Drake and friends in short bursts is fine by me.

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