3 comments on “Should You Buy The PlayStation VR?

  1. I got my PS VR back in December and I love it. The only drawback, in my opinion, is how much space you need in order to actually use the motion controls properly.

  2. I got my PSVR on release day, i love it. But as time went on i started to kind of ignore it…then they released the PS4 Pro, so i started playing again for the increase in graphics. I think that it was worth the money (i originally spent 556 dollars on it including 2 games i think). I like how sony has made it so you can do multiple things with the head set (play games, watch plays, watch concerts, watch VR series, and even play 3d Movies without having a 3d tv).

    From: Marvin Pearson

    • Agreed. There is still so much potential for vr, with so many different ways of utilising it. It’s also worth noting that PS Vr has received a significant price drop since I published this article, so it might even be time to get one myself.

      Appreciate the comment Marvin. Thanks.

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