3 comments on “Should I Buy A 4K Television?

  1. Like you described, I had the room in my office for about a 50″ TV at the absolute max. Naturally, you can barely find anything in the realm between 42″ and 55″. Like they hardly make _any_ 50″ TVs anymore, at least not 4K ones.

    I ended up finding a 49″ 4K LG that has gorgeous picture. Not as nice as our 55″ Samsung which also has an awesome remote, but at least it fits in my office. The 4K looks really nice. If you’re apprehensive, just wait a month or two and they put those things on sale constantly! I think I paid $500 when all was said and done. Smart TV as well so I don’t even need a Roku or FireTV anymore.

      • Again, they are definitely pricey with the price of non-4K TVs, but retail stores trying to liquidate old inventory are solid, AND they’ll cut you a deal if you press hard. I got a $100 wall mount for $50 cause I told the guy at PC RIchard I would just get one off amazon. PC Richard took care of me that day.

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