8 comments on “Why I Should Have Trusted My Instincts With The Switch. 

  1. Really only played Zelda, Mario Kart8, and Odyssey. Couple of hours on eShop games. Xenoblade 2 soon. It’s worth it now if you want to play those games, otherwise I’d still wait!

  2. It’s weird how your blog always seems to be relevant to me mate. I’ve been wanting to play Breath of the Wild for so long but I’ve been smartly saving my pennies to make another type of Switch from Newcastle to Stockholm. Yesterday however was my Birthday and my Fiancee came up with the goods and I am now a proud member of the Nintendo army again. I was worried that your post was saying how you wished you’d never bought a Switch but was quite delighted to find it was the opposite. A splendid curveball.

    • Well congrats on both the Birthday and reintergrating back into the Nintendo household. It’s not a residence I’ve visited since the GameCube. Also I your fiancé is buying you gifts like that, hold on to her, tightly. She’s a damn keeper!

      Thanks for your comments mate, as always.

  3. I’ve been super wishy-washy about the Switch. At first I could have cared less. And then Breath of the Wild came out and I was swayed, but not enough to invest. Then I was all uninterested again. And now, with Super Mario Odyssey, I’m back in the “maybe I should get one NOW” camp. I don’t regret not jumping on the bandwagon when the console first came out, and I feel like I’ll probably get a Switch *someday,” but I get where you’re coming from. Super Mario Odyssey really does look like a good time, and it’s hard sitting on the sidelines. Perhaps some good luck will swing your way this holiday season!

  4. I bought a switch about 3-4 weeks ago. Can safely say that I have not regretted it one bit. Possibly partly because it has been perfect for my current situation (only access to a TV at weekends so portable during the week then playing on the tv at the weekends). I have also been pretty pleased with the available games. I was somewhat worried about the switch although being popular would not come out with many titles I would like (hardly any titles on the Wii appealed to me. All of my gaming has also been done on a PC since before the PS4 came out so I’m used to a large variety of available games) however I have been pleasently surprised. If you could get one currently I couldn’t recommend it more.

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