6 comments on “Destiny 2 And How I Secretly Hope It Fails. 

  1. I played a lot of Destiny first at launch and again after the Taken King expansion, having sold my original copy of the game in the interim. I loved the gunplay and as a massive Halo fanboy I managed to find enough to enjoy in the original game to put in some serious hours even going through the arduous task of completing the exotic quest to acquire Thorn. The missions on the whole were pretty fun and completing the tasks to finally get my hands on some exotic loot was always rewarding however I agree with your sentiment that something wasn’t quite right, something felt incomplete and it certainly left me wanting more.

    People often mistakenly reference Halo as a franchise that provides a compelling narrative and a well told story, it doesn’t. The lore exists in Master Chiefs world but you really have to dig for it and it has been expanded on by the sequels and remasters so it’s not just about the story. Destiny lacks coherence and character (which is saying a lot for a game that features everyone’s favourite buccaneering space captain), character that Halo had in abundance, Keyes, Cortana, Halsey, Johnson hell even the Grunts had more interesting personalities that our Guardians. This alone may not be the biggest problem, hell I’ve played hours of PLAYERUNKOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS which has no story and no reward but Destiny’s biggest crime was it’s lack of respect for your time, repeat this mission ad nausea, play the nightmare mission (can’t finish it? you get nothing), you throw time at this game for such little rewards yes the same can be said of most multiplayer shooters but not of most MMO’s. World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Lord of the Rings online, ESO all of these games have found a suitable reward balance for their player base and each session you walk away feeling like you have achieved something, I for one hope D2 manages to find this balance.

    I won’t be picking up Destiny 2 anytime soon, when they release the second round of DLC and the special edition of the game to go with it I may re-evaluate my position but only if the final reviews are cloud level high.

    TL;DR? I’m with you on the Destiny 2 boycott … for now

    • The gunplay is highly engaging and one of the few reasons I continued playing. And you’re right about it lacking a story as well as character. It really did feel like a soulless excursion that prided itself on repetition and it’s certainly not something I have the inclination to trudge through again.

      Appreciate your insight eremenko. Cheers.

  2. I’ll always be slightly suspicious of Destiny 2 considering that one of the first game’s most attractive features was its asserted longevity. I remember Bungie promising a 5… 10? Year plan for the first game’s players that would offer multiple expansions keeping the material fresh, like an MMORPG. Anyhow, it’s only been three years!

    • I think you may have just highlighted one of Destiny’s more subtle issues: what is it trying to be? I presumed it was an MMO? In which case, as you stated it should be applying new content every few months to expand the longevity of the experience, much like Warframe. So what did happen to that 5-10 year plan?

      Appreciate the comment vahrkalla. Cheers.

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