3 comments on “Why I Both Love And Loath E3.

  1. Honestly? Not a single game made me feel like I needed to have it as soon as possible. Sure, some stuff looked cool, but that was about it.

    Anthem looked neat, but I’m afraid it’s just a Destiny clone. Days Gone seems impressive, but I can’t shake the feeling that they’re making a The Last of Us spinoff. Nintendo had interesting games, but nothing that made me feel like I needed a Switch NOW, or ever. Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves and Crackdown look fun, but I feel like they could wear thin pretty quickly.

    And damn it, Bethesda! Skyrim showed up in three separate showcases! How many times do you need to resell that game? And paid mods, again? Seriously?

    That said, it wasn’t a great E3. Not terrible, but not great.

    • Agreed. Everything I watched seemed either bland or uninteresting. For me a big showcase event like this requires new hardware. You can’t advertise a series of cg trailers and expect to generate anymore hype than just releasing the footage on YouTube!

      Thanks for comment Falcon.

  2. I think the issue stems from the fact that fancy CGI clips don’t do anything anymore. We’ve had the ability to create incredible special effects for over a decade, and fancy graphics in a cutscene for 2 minutes doesn’t do much to get anyone excited.

    What gets people excited? Things that are different and risky. Look at how crazy people went when they announced that you can control a dinosaur in Mario Odyssey. Compared to ‘This console will have the best graphics ever!’ and no one gives a crap.

    We hardly saw anything that was different or risky. In fact, a lot of the presentations were downright insulting, like they were pitching to 8 year olds.

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