5 comments on “Are War Games Disrespectful?

  1. I think there are Games that are more sympathetic than others, and like you said, I think a big part of how sympathetic/sensitive a Game is comes down to how they incorporate and balance that “reward” element. Games like CoD are mostly built on the premise of killing as many people as possible, so there’s usually not a lot of area for, like, nuance or thinking about the implications of your actions.

    Games like Valiant Hearts focus more on the horrors of war, and I think they’re considerably more sympathetic and emotionally intelligent because of that. Even the latest Battlefield game (which is decidedly more CoD-ey in nature) successfully managed to include a bit of nuance though, so I think Games are becoming a bit more sophisticated in that general respect.

    • I hope there is a shift in sensitivity when it comes to emulating war. It is a cruel and destructive means of maintaining a semblance of peace and a lot of games fail to reflect that. Valiant Hearts is a great example of demonstrating the severity of conflict without it becoming concerned with embellishing gratuitous violence for the sake of entertainment and cheap thrills.

      Appreciate the comment.

  2. I remember learning about WWII in school and then being able to play the early COD games as a pretty unique experience, they somewhat fed off of each other if that makes sense?

      • With the advances in motion capture and hopefully better acting maybe in the future war games can start to reach the realism movies can more easily adhere to

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