One comment on “Why Pokemon Silver Is Still The Most Memorable Game I’ve Ever Experienced.

  1. For my 5th birthday I got a shiny new Sega Genesis bundled with Sonic The Hedgehog. All my friends were super into Nintendo, but I was fascinated with Sonic. It was the first game I ever beat, and I was the only one in my class who had a Sega, so all my future BFF’s would stay over and we’d pass the controller around all night. Fast forward to my early 20’s – I had developed a bit of a drug problem and when I finally decided to free myself of it I bought myself an Xbox with a collection of Sonic games and played through each and every one of them repeatedly while I got healthy and dried out (I wasn’t able to do much sleeping that miserable week) It’s kind of a cliche story I suppose, but I often go back to those games and I still get that same feeling I got when I was a child AND I’m reminded of that one time I decided to turn my life around! I feel the same way about the 90’s era Sonic games that I feel about the Pokémon series in general. I continue to play the core games to this day, and I’ve mostly enjoyed each release. I’m getting older, and I can appreciate that those games are mostly aimed at children – but with Sun & Moon I felt like they nodded towards us gamers who have been playing the games from the beginning. They probably won’t top RBY or G&S – but at the same time I realize there is probably a generation right now that will feel the same way about XY or Sun and Moon someday.

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