4 comments on “Is Levelling Up Ever Fun?

  1. “The real problem with the concept of “variety” is the way it’s used to restrict the player as you progress or more accurately level up.”

    I really liked this comment, and this article!

    I find “leveling up” a bit artificial, and limiting as you point out.

    If I can’t beat a boss, or make a jump, it should be because I haven’t found the right suit of armor or space jump boots yet – or I’m simply not good enough, not skilled enough – or a combination of both.

    Leveling up feels indirect, in the sense that the only reason I can’t beat a tougher boss is because I haven’t ground down enough wee bad guys yet. And that doesn’t require skill, just patience.

    • Artifical is the perfect word to describe levelling up. Especially knowing that enemies become easier because you stumbled across a super secret gun that obliterates everything, instead of improving my own performance?

  2. I think that Bethesda is the poster child for how to NOT do leveling up. I understand the reasoning behind leveling up via use of skills, but it just encourages power leveling tactics.

    I’d be interested in a game that allows you to choose at what level you start at as an indication of difficulty. Beginning at a higher level denotes lower difficulty, where the hardest you start at level 1.

    I don’t know… I think it’s an oft abused mechanic in games. Not EVERY game needs an experience and leveling mechanic to make it fun or simulate progression.

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