4 comments on “How Trying To Game More Cost Me Nearly £200….And Then Some!

  1. Cool pickup, sir. Well, I guess I’ll make you feel slightly better by saying me replacing my PS3 and buying a PS4 slim, plus a few too many games has eaten into my account a wee bit too much. The only saving grace being none of it was bought on credit, as I prefer paying for what I want up front and not ‘suddenly’ realizing that the installment plan has me on the hook for a few thousand more when it’s all paid off, ugh. Life is so much better without a ton of debt!

    • Couldn’t agree more about buying anything on credit. I at the very least try to maintain a semblance of order to my finances. Making necessary adjustments to my spending when needed. I’m usually very good at it too. My girlfriend just thinks I’m being “tight”.

  2. Hear, hear on the punishing opposing force. Bought a guitar I couldn’t afford (I’d had a few drinks and had just finished watching a gig at the time of bidding). It turned up and is an absolute beaut. Suddenly, I get the old unexpected bill for my previous flat. On top of that, a tooth started to crumble in my mouth. Now I’m forced to go private due to ridiculous waiting lists.

    Lesson learnt: Don’t drink and bid, kid.

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