3 comments on “Originality Isn’t Always Safe.

  1. Your take on the whole remaster regurgitation is fascinating and a thought that I once conceived. It’s true that remasters can be perceived as redundant filler in one’s gaming catalogue, but at least you’re guaranteed a good game that you enjoyed at some point in your life. A relatable note would be from Tuesday of last week, I purchased both the Bioshock Collection and ReCore. Despite some of its flaws and realization that its writing was not nearly as good as I remembered, revisiting the original Bioshock still proved to be an exceptional experience, one that triumphed the relative nuance of ReCore, which is pure mediocrity. I would ultimately recommend people spend their hard earned cash on this “regurgitation” than dish it out on this new experience with good ideas that never panned out. But then again, remasters lack the potential to surprise and it’s that surprise factor that excites gamers, that potential to be something great. But you’re right, it’s a huge gamble. Just look at No Man’s Sky.

    • We need creativity and originality if the industry is going to sustain any momentum for the future. Like you said surprises are what excite us, motivating us to continue playing. And I’d rather see a developer try something new and fail rather than releasing slightly augmented content we’ve seen before. But money restraints dictate that Skyrim is a safer purchase for me right now. I’d love to have the balance between “safe” and “creative” but when money talks it don’t half shout!

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. It is interesting how studios have started to take advantage of the gap left by the PS4’s lack of backwards compatibility by coming out with these “remastered games”. My only hesitation is that I hope they are truly enhanced games and not just a money grab that works on the newer console generation.

    Do you know if the Skyrim remaster comes with all of the DLC?

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