6 comments on “Be Careful Of What You Say….Or Write.

  1. Sooo I’ve had this happen before to my ps4 and solved it by unplugging for a couple mins and cycling the power (holding the power button while it’s unplugged) and then turning it back on. It seems to do this beeping and disc ejecting thing whenever I move it (unplug it) and I have to go through process to convince it that discs aren’t supposed to continously ejected.

  2. Ouch! Karma can be quite a bitch sometimes. I hope Sony doesn’t have some secret kill switch to unleash on hapless PS4s whose owners reject the 4.5 model… *disconnects PS4 from the internet*

    Hope you get it fixed.

    • When it happened I did slightly think that it’s timing was a little too convenient? The way Sony has operated in the past I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were responsible somehow.

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