5 comments on “Trying To Play The Resident Evil 7 Demo.

  1. I’m hoping this is just a teaser showcasing the controls, because it doesn’t look like it has enough substance to keep it afloat for very long, especially as a Resident Evil game. I get the notion it’s bordering a bit much on P.T, with the demo being more of a mindbender to experience the general atmosphere to gear up for a separate game.
    Screw playing this in VR, though. Screw it, nut n’ bolt it, cellotape it, whatever. May headsets everywhere forbid my entry.

    • Must admit I’m not on board with VR yet. It’s just too damn expensive for what it is. As for Resident Evil I’m hopeful (having played it) that it can reinvigorate the series without resorting to plagerising popular concepts. It has a very pronounced “Outlast” vibe to it.

  2. I agree with the previous comment, they played the P.T card to create a hype but i actually enjoyed parts of it. Nothing can beat the moment nemesis jumped from the window in RE3 still

    • Yeah much of the demo was very familiar. Similar to many haunted house thematics that has become a popular destination in gaming again.

      Apologies for the very late response.

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