4 comments on “The Isolation Of The UK?

  1. My Nan is also the sort of person that wanted to exit EU because of “Immigrants”, specifically to stop them stealing our jobs and homes apparently. She didn’t even know who Nigel Farage was until I told her and she still thought that. I’d say its sadly a combination of her old age and her believing practically everything she sees on sites/TV.

    • You do have to question the underlying motivations of some people when it comes to voting, and just how ignorant people are without really knowing it.

      Apologies for the very late response.

  2. Well, good. Your posts are still allowed to spread the word overseas that not everyone there is an escapee from a peanut butter factory. We have the same nuttiness here in a few places, but worse. Politics stink when the people in power are the SAME as people who get FIRED from normal jobs because they’re too nuts for others to work with thanks to what they say and do at the workplace.

    • Unfortunately many of us are developing nut allergies at the moment. These are scary times and what the world really needs is a little tolerance and solidarity, not division.

      Can’t apologise more for my late response. I’ve been incredibly complacent recently.

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