9 comments on “Resident Evil VII: Back To Being Scary?

  1. The Demo is available on the PS store for PS+ members, I’ve downloaded it but not fired it up yet. Would be good to know your thoughts if you have a blast on it. I’m really excited to see how this iteration pans out and unlike your fine self I am completely on the VR train. I pre-ordered my psvr as soon as it became available on Amazon, so come October when supplies are limited I’ll be open to offers in the region of £800-£900 😉

    • Yeah I’ve downloaded Resi but still haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet. I’m sure I’ll be proved wrong about VR. I’m usually am! Hope it’s what you expect.

      Apologies for the late reply.

      • I tried it out a couple of days ago. It’s really intriguing but really short. Graphically stunning and atmospheric, it keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you expect a jump scare to be lying in wait around every corner but it only delivers them when you least expect it. Not as psychologically terrifying as P.T but that’s not Resi’s MO, it’s definitely back to being scary though.

  2. The new wave of horror is increasingly iterative of PT and its incredible aptitude at capturing the reality of surrealism. I know that’s somewhat an oxymoron, what I mean is that in each environmental context of these games, now usually a creaky abandoned household, the game’s audio and imagery are expert at creating player immersion through unparalleled intricacy. This can only be achieved through smaller environments. Games like PT, Allison Road, and now REVII establish reality through immersion but then subvert it by altering your sense of reality through devices. This dynamic of horror- subversion of reality- has me increasingly horrified.

    • I guess that’s true. The familiarity of such intimate enviroments such as an abandoned domicile has certainly become an encompassing compliance.

      Sorry for the late response.

  3. The Demo seems good. I’m optimistic I just wonder what the full game will be like in regards to combat and puzzles and other such RE things.

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