3 comments on “Buying A Games Console I’ve Never Heard Of?

  1. Unsafe game sex is rampant! Um, let me know how that thing works. I was tempted to buy one about three years or so ago, but my brain slapped me in the face and I bought some ice cream instead. That 900000 in one cart is going to be the source of many “HEY, there aren’t 900000 games on this cart… just 10 broken up into too many stages!” laughs. But if it works on a TV and runs fine, it’s all good. Just make sure to buy rechargeable batteries if it needs any sort of battery, as those devices tend to eat them like Skittles.

    My last purchase on a similar scale (okay, it was more than £10) was this gem: https://fanboydestroy.com/2015/12/24/the-qfx-vp-113-gets-it-done-with-a-retro-touch/

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