13 comments on “Violence Will Always Be A Part Of Gaming.

  1. Well, mister man. If you want to punch me, you can do so at any time. Granted, I’ll be wearing the suit of armor I bought off ebay and any punching would need to be done at JFK right outside the customs terminal so you could catch the next flight back before the cops jumped you. Then again, showing up to an airport in a full suit of armor would get me arrested first. So you’ll have to find a more clever way to sock me in the jaw. Ah well…

    • Nah. Far too much preparation required to initiate such a hostile endeavour. Espiscally considering the suite of armour. Though seeing me trying to punch anybody in a armour at an airport could become the next most watched spectator sport?

      • Hey, it’s more an actual sport than eSports will EVER be, so I’ll be ready if you need to make some fast money on the betting part. I can throw the match and say I just fainted from being in that tin can all day ;D

      • That could work. Just need to increase the odds in me losing, then split the profits. In the words of Mr Burns “Excellent”.

      • O_o… Oh, I wasn’t even thinking of MY cut of that money. Wait, that must mean I’m some kind of masochist!

        Hold on a sec… (gets hammer, hit self on head)…

        Nope. Not at all. Ow. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go curl into a fetal position for the rest of the day with an ice pack full of aspirin taped to my head. Ow.

    • You know the entire problem could be solved by solving the mathematical issues with the creation of an Einstein-Rosen bridge then use said hole in reality to slip through and punch him in his suit of armor, provided that along with solving the issue of instability and the fact that the Blackhole needed would probably destoy the planet that you also find a way to make it open at the exact coordinates you want it to……..
      Annnnnd go!!

  2. Mmm…I’m not sure I’m fully in agreement with everything here. Though I will admit that the allure of games like Doom or Saints Row isn’t what one would call Shakespearean.

    There are plenty of games where the combat felt almost secondary to the story, or it was a means to that end. Most Final Fantasy games, for one. There’s also the example of the game Journey, where avoiding combat is one of the chief purposes of the game. And I can’t tell you how exhausted I am of the scores of random critters I’ve had to turn in to meat confetti in MMO’s.

    All that said, there’s some admitted truth to your words here, depending on a game’s style. I still adored the Cerebral Bore from Turok 2, after all.

    • It’s a very broad brush I was using to demonstrate just how much the industry relies on violence. Of course there are a number of games where the story or even concept are regarded in higher esteem than the combat. For me The Last Of Us, despite its inherent hostility is a very story driven experience.

      Appreciate the comment.

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