4 comments on “Uncharted 4…..Finally!

  1. I just got Uncharted 4 yesterday and I’m loving it so far! I’m taking my time playing through it. Currently around chapter 10. It’s the last Nathan Drake experience, so I really want to savor it.

  2. I’m not buying it yet because I still haven’t finished the previous Uncharted games. I’m traveling as of right now and I don’t get back home until the 20th of this month. After getting back, I plan to finish all previous three first before rushing out to get the 4. I started playing Uncharted 1 before leaving home but I didn’t have enough time to get through it much.

    I’m super hyped up — more than I was before it came out — after reading all the reviews about how great the ending is. I just hope some stupid on the web doesn’t share the ending of the game without any spoiler alerts.

    • Sounds as though you’re experiencing you’re own modest Uncharted adventure? Playing all of the Uncharted games back to back is going to be a tall order, one I’m sure you’ll enjoy though.

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