10 comments on “Do Games Prevent You From Sleeping?

  1. This was very interesting to read. I love your choice of intelligent words, and the ideology you have behind the post. Gaming is a massive passion of mine, and sometimes just another save point or, ill go explore this cave and call it a night has bit me in the rear-end. 26 hours of gaming on Gears of War 3, and then I would have to say 18 hours playing Skyrim. Now my question is, what do you like better writing about gaming or Gaming?

  2. “and defecate a brown egg onto their new carpet” I bet you’re a riot at Easter.
    I get what you mean with the not registering the future when playing. Oftentimes I feel like I’m suspended in an everlasting now when gaming. Although I found playing Tomb Raider quite useful with this, as I got to know that when I could no longer work out how to move a crate to climb onto a damn ledge, it was probably time to recharge.
    Far Cry 3 on the other hand, would keep me up till four sometimes, and Skyrim had me up till outside twittering birds disrupted my Draugr clobberings. I think my reasoning went something along the lines of “Well it’s an open-world RPG, so if Fenleywick Woodbriar doesn’t need sleep, neither do I.”

    • Skyrim was the all time greatest game to play to a point of addiction! I do believe at one time i had withdrawls when I wasn’t playing. We spent countless amounts of hours exploring dungeons slaying dragons, and don’t get me started on the 100’s of character builds. And Tomb Raider is just impossible to put down. Did you see who the cast to play Lara in the movies, it’s like she was the person they modeled her from.

      • Skyrim’s odd though – I found it quite difficult to get back into after taking a much needed hibernation from it.
        I was convinced that Daisy Ridley would be cast as Lara. I mean I’m glad Alicia Vikander got it, but from the moment I saw her in Force Awakens I thought she’d have made a terrific Lara Croft.

      • Yeah I heard murmurings that Daisy was in the running for the role. She even looks like Lara? Watched Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina and thought she was brilliant.

        Sorry for the late reply.

  3. “Does gaming prevent you from gaming?” You really need that sleep. Haha.

    It does happen to me. Big offenders are the “just one more turn, just one more day” kind of games. The most recent being Stardew Valley. The latest I’ve played is up til 5am in the morning. 2 hours before I was suppose to get up. And it was Civ 5.

  4. I have not pulled a gaming all-nighter since the halo 2 LAN party days! However, I am probably not a good example cause sleep is a must in order for me not to be a grouchy bum the next day haha

  5. For me, the worst are turn-based strategy games like Civilization, Total War, XCOM, etc. It’s that “just one more turn” mentality that occasionally keeps me playing a game until the early hours of the morning. Oh and Skyrim and Fallout, with the “just more cave/quest/level up” mentality. I always hate myself for it the next day as I usually end up feeling ill and functioning poorly in whatever I need to do that day. And if I play competitive online shooters late at night, I get so hyperactive from the adrenaline that it takes me ages to get to sleep afterwards.

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