2 comments on “Is Melisandre “Game Of Thrones” Dorian Gray….

  1. Melisandre has always been an interesting character to me. Especially once her viewpoint was explored in the books. I also subscribe to the idea that a certain someone who knows nothing will return. I just hope its more Beric than Stoneheart. Kinda disappointed that they killed of Doran already. Book Doran was likely too be a major player soon. And also had a few awesome quotes. Oh well, makes things interesting to see how Ellaria will handle Dorne.

  2. One of the downsides to game of thrones is many times you feel like nothing occurred since the plot has so many characters in different places that the show can never spend more than 5 mins in one spot. I can see why they have to do that to refresh the audience on where everyone stands but it does make for some slow watching at times. However, they did spice it up with a surprise or two!

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