6 comments on “To Be A Single Player Again.

  1. SIngle player for me as well. I’ve been tempted by a few games with online-only or optional online components, but I only play those solo and don’t let anyone bug me/

  2. Hmmm I don’t really have a preference. Single player games are a lot of fun and help me relax because you don’t constantly have people breathing down your neck when you screw up. But multiplayer offers a bit more challenge for me and also helps socialize with friends who are far away. And yes, there is a lot of toxicity from others in a lot of multiplayer games, but there are also a lot of people who are just there for to have fun and chill : 3

  3. I prefer single player games, but I love playing multiplayer with my xbox friends. I have friends just for playing games with and it took years to get the right people together, whereby, it’s never ever annoying, always a lot of fun, everyone is over the age of 30 and there’s never any drama and they treat me the same as they would any other man, which as a female has always been a big problem for me in the past. I always look forward to playing with them and our scheduled in advance gaming nights.
    We use party chat so we can never hear the other players.
    We’re all British too, so none of us would ever jump into someone’s game without permission. That is a total no over here, like how British people say “You should come over sometime” and actually mean “You can come over when it’s convenient, a date we have prepared in advance, and don’t ever just come over unannounced”.
    It took years to find the right people, and it shouldn’t have been as hard as it was, but now I have them, I look forward to co op games coming out, because I know I’ll always have people to play with.

  4. Very entertaining post. I agree, in part, with your assessments.
    On one hand, I do prefer single player – I can fail multiple times and not have someone refer to me, or my loved ones, with obscene language. On top of this, many of the other players I am often forced to temporarily unite with, apparently have little idea of what team-work really is.
    This aside, I used to really enjoy split-screen, or LAN parties, as I always knew the gamers I was associating with, each of us exhibiting a like-minded attitude.
    Unfortunately, it seems every game is moving away from localized communities, to the globalized variety, and though there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, I don’t particularly enjoy being called a four letter word beginning with ‘c’ a hundred times in one hour, or having my avatar’s head face-raped by a clearly deranged player,
    In my view, the anonymity that comes with online gaming means anyone who enjoys attacking total strangers, simply for the giggles, is able to do so, without fear of punishment. If this is how some of these ‘people’ (I use speech tags because I don’t believe all of them are human) behave online, I’d hate to meet them in reality.

  5. Definitely single player for me. Just the fact that stories in single player games are usually better than multiplayer gets me. I do play some multiplayer games, like FIFA, but more often than not, I appear offline just to play the single player FUT season or career mode because I don’t want to be bothered. The new ps4 update is godsend in that regard.

  6. This was a entertaining article. I exceptionally enjoyed the single player aspect of your main idea. One thing I can disagree with is Single player is great but from a family man perspective, multi-screen or split-screen gaming is an amazing way to spend family time. However dealing with people should be a whole other article..lol Keep up the great work

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