9 comments on “Enter Player 3.

  1. Aw. Congratulations, what a beautiful little girl with a beautiful name! I’m sorry things happened the way they happened, but I’m really glad mum and baby are okay, and you of course.

    I used to worry about if I was going to be a good parent, but I now look back and think I worried way too much. My parenting advice? Just enjoy your daughter. Before you know it, she’ll be grown up and playing games with you, because seriously, looking back, it feels like it happens that quickly.

    • Thanks, it’s always helpful to get the perspective of those that have experienced similar tribulations and loss of confidence. Cannot wait until she’s teaming up with me playing Uncharted 6!

      • Wait. You must mean Uncharted 5 because you know… delays, delays, delays. The kid will be in college before that 6th game comes out 😀

  2. Congratulations! Wishing you and your loved ones all the best 🙂 You have a very beautiful little girl there. I’m glad to hear, despite the complications, everyone is healthy.

  3. YOU HAVE A NEW CHALLENGER! And, YOU LOSE when you have to change those diapers and she starts laughing at you while you do. Darn kids. And yeah, congratulations, sir! I’d say you two will be awesome parents.

    • She seems to wait patiently while I change her diaper before unleashing the “anus flood of hell!” for me. She’s definitely my daughter that’s for sure. Cheeky little offspring.

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