10 comments on “A TellTale That Doesn’t Need Telling.

  1. I haven’t tried out this genre of games yet but it has always seemed like TWD episodes were by far the greatest out of the bunch. Game of thrones somewhat comes off as a money grab…

    • Yeah I don’t know quite what it was about Game Of Thrones that never really captivated me as much as the television show. I guess fundamentally it just wasn’t as compelling. And I certainly wasn’t as invested in the characters as I could’ve been.

  2. Telltale’s Game of Thrones is just a wee spinoff that capitalises on the success of a much larger franchise in another form of media, and for some reason we tolerate it much more than a franchise iterative mobile game. Ever since Rodkin and Vanaman left Telltale, barring The Wolf Among Us, every title seems to be much less innovative and passionate.

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