3 comments on “Onimusha, Where Are Thou!

  1. I worked in a game shop from 1998-2003 and I can safely say (in the US) the Onimusha games sold quite well (that’s how you get two sequels, a “reboot”,a fighting game and a portable turn-based strategy game). I’m not sure how well the Xbox version of the first game did, but it was tricky to restock (I think it got a lower print run). At one point, we were selling used copies of the PS games for a song because so many got traded in as the sequels arrived that we were swimming in them and later made package deals with 1-3 for a nice price. in 2008, Capcom packed the first three up as this (at least in the west):


    I never played the 4th game, Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (the “reboot”), but I read that it had an all-new cast and storyline, so I need to grab a used copy one of these days (eBay, I guess).

    The series most likely died off thanks to a few factors. Capcom possibly not having the team (or story) to make a new game, plus games like God of War being bigger “event” series that made what Capcom did seem dated. People have forgotten it because it’s been so long since there was an Onimusha game. Then again, I’d bet *more* people remember Onimusha than they do Sony’s Genji games, which copied Onimusha’s style to a great extent on both the PS2 (Genji: Dawn of the Samurai) and PS3 (Genji: Days of the Blade).

    I hope to heck the games get the HD treatment AND Capcom decides to do a new entry in the series or perhaps a total remake with a more open world (ditching the immovable camera angles). We shall see, right?

    That said, have you played Capcom’s bizarre Asura’s Wrath (PS3/Xbox 360) or the awesome sleeper turned mega-hit Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen yet? One was a one-off, the other is a game that just got a superb PC version that’s the best Capcom PC “port” to date (and that’s saying a lot as the company has a history of icky PC translations). Lost Planet 3 was also good, but it’s NOT like the other two games at all and got slammed by fans for doing things differently.

  2. Great post. You touch on a very important point – many game franchises come and go for a time, and upon being overshadowed by other, supposedly more impressive titles, vanish like the wind.
    You are right though; Onimusha is a title that I don’t remember; in fact, it may never have been released in my country at all…
    In answer to your question, I’d love it if Raven brought back another Hexen or Heretic game (now-a-days all they do is co-work on COD projects – my have the might fallen). Or perhaps a new Soldier of Fortune (with John Mullins, not the idiot from the third game that was just a poor attempt at a rehash).
    Or perhaps id could release another Quake (featuring either the Strogg, or the monsters from the original title).
    Furthermore, whatever happened to F.E.A.R?
    And, are we ever going to see another Half-life?

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