9 comments on “Ghostbusted On My Birthday.

  1. Well, Happy Old Birthday, mister. Id have baked you a cake, but shipping time and customs confiscating and eating it would have been a bit annoying to find out about.

  2. Happy birthday! Congratulations on turning however old you are now (or young, as the case may be). Come on! The Ghostbusters trailer wasn’t that bad…there are far worse things than that…there’s politicians, and, well….I’ve drawn a blank. Anyway, sorry you’re incapacitated on your b’day, and all the best to you.

    • Believe me, being ill was far less painful than having to watch that trailer again. Appreciate the Birthday wishes though. Being ill is no way for anyone to spend their Birthday.

  3. The power of Patty compels you! Or..your illness anyway (apologies, I couldn’t resist). Hope you’re basking at least a little bit in the celebratory aftermath today – Happy Birthday. Perhaps the Ratchet and Clank movie soon will prove a bit more respectful.

    • Ugh that line is the worst! That could actually be the cause of my illness? Still unsure about the Ratchet and Clank movie. Probably not going to get much time to watch it to be honest.

      • It’ll likely be more respectful than Ghostbusters will, since one of Insomniac’s writers are on the project – Definitely making that my post-Easter watch in place of Feig’s one.

  4. Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes is one of those films that was just too cringe-worthy for me to even comprehend. Even when I was really young when I saw that movie for the first time, I knew the ending was complete trash. In short: You can change the past if you change the future! That’s not how it works. Thanks for ruining a classic.
    P. S.
    Happy Birthday!

    • It really is awful isn’t it?! It also featured one of the most awkward kissing scenes between Marky Mark and monkey Helena Bonham Carter. Talk about beastality!! Ugh!

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