9 comments on “Ghostbusters: Who Ya Gonna Call? An Exorcist!

  1. I like Feig’s work for the most part (over reliance on Melissa McCarthy’s three joke style of comedy aside), but as with all of his films, I’ll wait ’til this pops up on cable before I even look at it.

    • It may not be as bad as I’m expecting it to be, yet sadly I can’t shake the feeling that a Ghostbusters movie worthy of the original or even close to that is still a long ways off.

      • Well, I cracked not a single smile watching that trailer, and I’m a native New Yorker. It makes the movie seem too formulaic and too much of a more CG-filled template of the original. But, yeah – we shall see…

      • So it’s even more insulting for you. The overuse of Cgi certainly creates the idea that this is aimed specifically at kids. Perhaps even fetuses?

  2. Got to say, the trailer did end strangely for something that would largely be considered a beloved classic reboot. I get what you mean, it screamed less (and with the ghost parts, not at all) ‘Ghostbusters’ and more ‘contemporary ‘awkward’ comedy’. Often though, trailers tend to exist as a collection of the movie’s laughs, and I don’t think the film itself will be as overtly comedic as it’s shown to be..

    • Perhaps the tone demonstrated in the trailer doesn’t accurately portray the one in the film, but some of the interviews conducted with Feig suggest that he used every opportunity to “get a laugh”. I could be well off the mark but I’d be very concerned about this, if I cared about it.

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