8 comments on “My Top 5 Tips For Buying The Right Game.

  1. Great post! Some really good strategies.
    Alongside a couple of your ideas, I also look to see who the developer is. If, say, BioWare, id, Bungie (maybe not anymore though), Valve, Raven, Monolinth, or another studio that I like are involved, I’ll definitely give the game a look based on my prior positive experiences with their products. Or, if I have previously enjoyed work from the distributor, say, Capcom, EA, Ubisoft or Bethesda, then that will also incentivize my purchases.
    I will additionally often prioritize the reviews of other bloggers, over those from professionals (though I do occasionally gawk at Gamespot or AusGamers). Bloggers I find are less inclined to bias negativity, and it is unlikely they have been paid off, and if someone whose content I have previously enjoyed gives a game a high mark, then I will buy it. A fellow blogger said they liked Akiba’s Trip 2: Undead and Undressed, which was a game way outside my comfort zone – and I loved it. It was my fav game of 2013.
    Lastly, it also depends on how I feel at the time. Right now, I’m not in the mood for a horror game, so I won’t be going out to purchase The Following expansion pack. However, I do feel like a good drama, so, come March, I’ll be buying Heavy Rain and Beyond remastered on PS4.

    • Agreed! Developer’s record plays an important role in my decision making. I’ll preorder Naughty Dog and CD Projekt Red games if I’m interested. Though Rocksteady has made me think twice.

  2. No more pre-orders! That’s a big thing that I’ve had to overcome as well, but no more paying in advance. Too many letdowns. Otherwise, I’m big on your fifth point. If my gut feelings about a game don’t make me sick, then I’ll probably like it. I’ll also tend to get on these kicks where I’ll buy a bunch of games within a similar genre, like several RPGS or puzzle games all in a row. While it’s not exactly the best way to determine what to buy next, sometimes it’s okay to stay on a stable path with a genre that you know you enjoy.

    • There’s nothing at all wrong with playing similar games. I just find that after a while a change of genres really invigorates my gaming experience.

  3. One of the more valuable trends I am starting to see with big triple-A games are the open Betas before launch. This really simplifies the buying decision process for me as I can get hands on with the gameplay mechanics, graphics, or a good glimpse of the storyline. While it needs to be taken with a grain of salt since betas are a limited portion of the whole game it certainly makes the decision process easier.

  4. I have such a back log of games buying on release shouldn’t be an option however this stance does slip when it comes to birthday and Xmas time. I miss the days of xbox360 when it seemed everything had a demo. I suppose this rings true for PSX and Saturn too with the demos on the magazines

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