16 comments on “Kanye West: The Game?

  1. I have no time for this guy and this is just another step in the creepy direction for me. Despite his constant ramblings I fail to see how he is in any way respecting his mum and what she did in her life (masses of charity work) and then what he did with her legacy. Ugh. Really don’t like him.

    • Totally agree. I can think of far more respectful ways of commemorating my mother’s life. Don’t really understand how he is considered a musician?!

      Sorry for the late reply.

      • I have no idea. The worst part for me is that after his mums passing the arts education charity they built together was left hung and dry with no future charity set up in any way. In fact, he’s now even outwardly condemning charitable acts by Mark Zuckerberg saying the money would be better spent on his music?! Complete disgrace to his family and himself.

        I never usually sound so serious, I swear! Haha.

  2. Yeah it’s to commemorate his late mother so records say.
    I can see it being an iPhone endless runner to be honest.
    Or…the next PS4 exclu- no. No, I can’t say it. I won’t.

  3. Welllll… his wife has had a mobile moneymaker game for a bit, so this is only the illogical extension of this nonsense. I pay NO attention to celebrity crap like this, so it’s getting ignored like the bad dream it is.

  4. Well, there’s no reason even the most super of egotists can’t love his/her parent(s), so at least he’s got some *tiny* bit of humanity left, lol.

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