4 comments on “Pokemon Celebrates It’s 20th Anniversary!

  1. I am too excited for the remasters! Only ever played blue, yellow and gold as a kid so this is too brilliant for words that two of them are getting ds releases. 20 years ago, too? Damn… I got blue for my 6th birthday when they came out!

    Also intrigued as to what Pokémon I’ll find in my garden with Pokémon Go!. If nature is anything to go by, it will be swarms of beedrills, caterpies and spearows!

    I shouldn’t be tempted by those ds packages…but I’d be lying if I wasn’t already calculating how much less food I need to eat to afford the Charizard one.

    Great blog, as always!

    • It’s amazing how Pokemon continues to gather momentum through various generations of gamers. Espiscally considering it’s been going for 20 years! Pokemon Go is looking like the one must own title, particularly for those that wish to live out their dream of becoming a Pokemon master.

      Apologies for the late response. It’s been a busy week.

  2. Love this post so much! Pokemon got me into gaming and anime and just general geekery! When we used to go on ‘family walks’ I would run off and pretend I was in Viridian Forest and pretend to find ‘pokemon tracks’. Too cute.

    • I think that is another example of why Pokemon was such a robust series for kids. You could sit and play the games for hours and then go explore the real world looking for pokemon. Birds, bugs and even cats became wild pokemon. None of them liked having balls thrown at them however…..

      Sorry for the late reply. It’s been a rather long week.

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