6 comments on “Do Gamers Need A Trading Function For Downloaded Games?

  1. My other half and I go on about this so much. Being able to trade games should be a thing for downloaded games but I can see why companies aren’t eager to jump in the deep end like you said.

    I think G2A.com does a good job at bridging this gap by allowing you to sell codes on for cheaper prices online but can be unreliable if you choose not to get their insurance tag and ends up being dominated by regulars rather than the odd trade off.

    I’m not really sure what the answer is but i’m sure it will carry on as an unspoken topic for as long as the companies want to make more money out of it (indefinitely) and as long as alternatives like G2A exist.

  2. Frankly speaking, it’s a load of BS that digital content CAN’T be traded. Especially in the case of a physical disc PC game that requires Steam or other digital shop activation and can’t be sold or traded as a disc ever again thanks to the one-time use code. Boo to that nonsense!

  3. I think companies rely on the finality of downloads a bit. Having a trading system for downloadable games could even give incentive for more companies to make their games…you know…good before releasing them, instead of releasing broken tat that folks are stuck with at launch..

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