9 comments on “Why “The Order: 1886” Could’ve Been Game Of The Year.

  1. Haha – I totally agree with this. I done a rant about it being a (barely) interactive movie before.

    On the plus side though, I got a hideous leather necklace whatsit free with my copy of the game, and I’ve literally worn that never, so, you know, swings and roundabouts…….

  2. When I found out it was developed by Ready at Dawn, with former members of Naughty Dog, and Santa Monica, I was expecting a game with strong gameplay elements, with an Unchartedish focus on platforming and storytelling. It just seemed like they’d intended it to be more interactive than it was, wth trailers and pre-release teasers showing ambiguous footage. And the experience was way too short to be a fully priced title in my opinion. I mean, Until Dawn’s first playthrough lasted roughly the same length of time, but there was tonnes of replayability, collectibles etc that contributed to the story arc, which justified UD’s price more than 1886. I don’t mind the playthrough being six minus hours, but at least make it good enough to warrant a second go, you know?

    I love 1886’s aesthetic and concept, and if it wasn’t a passive QTE mashup then I think I’d have truly loved it. I’d have been all over a steampunk Victorian London that I could affect directly.

    • An Uncharted inspired, Victorian steam punk game would have been perfect, even one as linear as this. It was a beautiful looking game/film/project/thing that woefully ignored it’s most basic requirement; to entertain.

  3. I was really looking forward to playing it when it was first announced, and I probably will play it at some point when it drops even more in price.

    It just seemed like it fell short of what they promised- an incredibly interactive game… not some QTE heavy “gameplay”.

    • Trouble was is that it never really focused on whether it was a third person action adventure, or a story driven, interactive movie with a penchant for QTE’s. If it had competently adjusted to either one of those themes it could have been a largely, possibly even entertaining experience. Sadly here we are lamenting over what could have been.

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  5. I actually enjoyed the Order despite some of its obvious failings, most of which is really a lack of content to fully flesh out the game. I hope they make a sequel that improves on its shortcomings.

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