18 comments on “Does Being Good At A Game Make It More Fun?

  1. Interesting. I do enjoy games more when I am good at them, but this is largely because I’m easily frustrated and usually play RPGs where I’m impatient to get on with the story.

    • Yeah it’s strange how we equate good performances with a good game. And also frustration with bad ones. I must admit that I do get impatient with games all the time, which could explain why I regard most of them as bad.

  2. I’ve thought about this topic for a while. Games such as COD and Minecraft are extremely popular mostly due to them being easy to pick up and play. A skill gap, as much as I love it, does scare people away. It’s not their fault at all, we all have fun in different ways.

    • Precisely. Fun is highly subjective, an endearing term usually affiliated with what is easy to accomplish. I think sometimes, with a little application, perseverance can grant an alternate means of gratification not ordinarily avaliable in an easier game.

      • I have fun watching really shit movies. The Room, The Art of War trilogy, The SW Prequels. etc. Some people look at me weird for that reason. I don’t get why. :l

      • No one expected Star Wars to be as popular as it became. I think most of the people who hate it are the same people who are the biggest fans of the original movies. Those people are extremely difficult to impress.

  3. I think I enjoy playing games just for fun but also games I’m good at too. I think it’s because you find more enjoyment with games your good at because you feel proud at making progress. Whereas whenever you play a game your not as good at, you start feeling frustrated because your not making any progress. But at the same time, I also don’t mind playing games just for the sheer enjoyment of playing a game. Because there are some games I like playing just to play it and not to make progress in it.

  4. Hotline Miami is one of my favourite games, and I was damn awful at that. I’m loving Witcher 3 too, despite spending most of it rolling around like an iron filled kitten on a magnetic floor.
    The classification of games is often a culture driven concept too. Many people that enjoy a certain gaming niche for that sense of inclusion within a certain community.

    • I still have ulcers attributed to trying to get the platinum in Hotline Miami! Even attaining the fabled trophy felt hollow. I was exhausted, mentally abused and embarrassed. I love the game but I never want to see it again!

      • Oh salutations to you – I get tremors even thinking about the platinum for that game…

      • It was trying to get A+ on every level that nearly killed me! And did kill my character numerous times. You got to be quick, ruthless and use the drill mask. Never again……

  5. My first thought was “of course I like games better if I’m good at them!” But on second thought, if that were true, then shouldn’t I be replaying more “favorite” games? If I had a good time beating a game, does that make me good at it? What constitutes being “good” at a game anyway?!

    Sorry, not yelling, just thinking loudly. Final thought: I think being good at a game does make it more enjoyable as long as there’s some sort of hook to keep you playing. Otherwise, simply being good at a game can make it unchallenging, and we all know there’s fun to be had in overcoming obstacles. i.e. I am good at playing Saints Row IV, but now that I’ve mastered the game, there’s little reason to continue playing it.

    Or is there? I think I am confused.

    • I think what fun IS is all dependent on the player. I imagine there are just as navy gamers who enjoy easy games that make them look good as there are those that play games that encourage development.

  6. It makes sense that we would like games that we are good or at least competent at playing. But then I realize one of my favorite game series of all-time, Syphon Filter 1-3 was notoriously difficult at times, yet I never gave up on it.

  7. It depends on the mechanics of the game. Fighting games are like that for me, because not being able to grasp the mechanics effectively keeps me from the higher level play, which is where the best experience lies.

  8. Sports is the genre I’m best at but play the least these days. Probably used to be 90% of what I played but at a certain point, I got tired of beating the computer by a ton on the hardest level and playing humans in most sports games is just playing someone looking to cheese through for a win.

    Anyway, I’m not great at aiming weapons quickly but games like Tomb Raider are among my favorite type of games to play. I suck at online multiplayer shooters but love Star Wars so I find Battlefront fun.

    For me it’s the type of game, setting, and just game play that make a game more fun than others and not being good at.

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