5 comments on “Perhaps One Day Being A Gamer Will Be Socially Acceptable.

  1. I’m at the age where I don’t give a rat’s ass if someone doesn’t “get” gaming. Everyone has hobbies that they can justify that others will find weird or silly, but gamers (some of them) feel SO put upon to “defend” a pastime while others get a pass because their likes are more “acceptable”. Feh to that.

    That said, I think the casual/mobile PC/phone/tablet games that have taken over TV ad time (seriously, here you see ads for all sorts of Free2Play stuff every hour of the day!) have changed up the nose lifting to gaming quite a lot, though. As much as I despise most mobile games, they’ve gotten many millions to play stuff they wouldn’t. Althooooooough, getting those people to call themselves “gamers” may be something they won’t admit to (despite many hours crushing candy and keeping birds very angry)…

  2. I’m always sure that I describe my games in as much detail as possible in my blog cause I understand that people may play games, but they don’t understand the true complexity of Gaming.

  3. I wish I could say that I don’t care what people think. But of course I do, like most people I get sad if those close to me look down on my hobby! Often enough I find it’s about being able to actually explain, though, or putting things in terms non-gamers will understand too. Strategy games? Point at chess, look how battle strategy can form a widely accepted and even admired game. RP? Oh there’s a whole host of aspects you can point at there to highlight what it really is. And so on and so on.

    As for practical examples… In an attempt at showing a little group of people – who not at ALL understood what the hell roleplaying was – I went ahead and brought them an actual RP scene written out in easily read format. It looked just like a scene from a play, so I had the little group read it out like one would read a script, one person per character plus me reading the descriptive emotes like a speaker voice. That was really efficient, lead to some dropped jaws and stunned exclamations. Of course such only works if the people are actually OPEN to seeing something new!

  4. It’s frustrating. I know people who make disparaging remarks about games being a waste of time, unproductive and how you should get out more, etc, but the same people don’t think twice about sitting in front of the TV all evening watching trashy or instantly forgettable programmes. At least gaming is interactive and it can also be very social and creative.

  5. My other half and I get this all the time as well. “Those games on those computer things”. I remember being a kid and getting “are you playing with that Italian plumber again” – bless my gramps. Nevertheless the older generations are most likely more influenced by the ongoing insults from general media claiming scientific backing that proves video games induce violent tendencies. That’s probably why they’ll always have a dig at people. It’s incredibly annoying though!

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