7 comments on “2015’s Game Of The Year!

  1. I can’t see the actual poll, but if there is meant to be one put me done for Life is Strange if it is an option! With a close runner up being Rocket League. Both great games which I had a lot of fun with throughout 2016 😀

    • Yeah sorry about that. I can’t tell you how much of an issue it was trying to get a poll initialised. WordPress has altered it’s dashboard and the poll icon had simply disappeared. Looks as though it’s still not working properly.

      • Yeah the sudden updates can be kinda annoying like that. I appreciate them making changes and moving over the settings from WP Admin to the new UI system, but man stuff just disappears sometimes…

      • Yeah I still can’t find the poll icon. Even if I toggle avaliable symbols at the top! Only managed to implement a poll when it suddenly reverted back to its old format?! Incredibly annoying.

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