3 comments on “Goat Simulator Really Got My Goat!

  1. Hey Karl, always enjoy reading your latest posts. Just thought I might give you a bit of constructive criticism if you don’t mind. I really enjoy the wide vocabulary you use while writing, but sometimes it hinders the article when you put an emphasis on them. The article doesn’t flow as well and I’ve noticed in my own writing that it can sometimes come across as talking down to the reader. The most important thing is to get the message across in the most natural way possible. It can seem at times that you have a thesauras with you in which you try to add an adjective just for the sake of using your wide vocabulary. One of the most important lessons in writing is to get rid of any content that doesn’t add to the overall piece because they may instead take away from what is an otherwise great piece of writing. As always I look forward to reading more from you!

    • Anything that enhances the overall quality of my often rambling exertions is always appreciated. I think the extent of my reliance on loquacious, dare I say pretentious wordplay is derived from the repetition of words I use in every post. Because I’m often constructing various drafts for a selection of differing articles, my penchant to use familiar phrases or words does begin to hinder the structure of these individual pieces. As such I feel compelled, perhaps even obligated to adapt and alter a sentences structure to accomadate an alternative means of projecting my points. Sometimes it benefits an article, allowing it to stand out. On other occasions it can detract, stifling the primary reason for its inception. I treat every post as an experiment, tweaking aspects of my creative processes to determine whether a different approach is beneficial or a hindrance. And after 5 years of blogging I’d be a little disapointed if I still wrote in a similar fashion as when I started. I’ll be honest with you and admit I’m not happy with 99% of what I’ve published. You wouldn’t believe how many times I reread past articles and cringed at how far off I was with my logic.

      Of course I’ve never intended to confuse or even offend (well, maybe offend a little). What your comment has done is encouraged me to create a happy medium between articulation and coherency. Appreciate your observant criticisms and be assured that I’m as aware of my own arresting frailties as you are. Cheers.

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