5 comments on “Sonic The Hedgehog; The “Not So Mobile” Review.

  1. I’m not much of a retro fan, I certainly love all of the new things a lot more. But I do appreciate where gaming has gone in the past 30 years ago. It’s truly amazing how far we’ve gone so quickly.

  2. I try not to play any classics via touch screen (or any games at all really). If possible I play from the original medium, or at the very least with a game pad.

    Sonic not played on an original Sega controller just seems so wrong haha.

  3. One of the huge things about games from this era is that they had to optimize the control systems for them to keep people from being frustrated and just quitting them. So switching to a controller that has no tactile feedback really takes away from the experience and makes it really difficult. It’s not as fun, either.

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