12 comments on “Why I Trust Bloggers Over Professional Publications.

  1. The only people worth trusting are those who are upfront with their tastes and prejudices. I’m always upfront about what I like and I never say my experience will be replicated with everyone else’s.

    • Which is precisely why I’d take your word over Ign’s any day. You can normally spot bloggers who aren’t entirely earnest with their opinions and trust me I’ve blocked a number of them.

      • I never trust IGN ever. They are bought out by the big game publishers because they know a lot of people read IGN. They could easily manipulate people to purchase a game by giving it an inflated review. Ex. I saw a Dragon Age 2 review on there and they gave it a really good review. Guess what tho? There were ads for the game ON THE VERY SAME PAGE! 0_0

      • I recall one of there reviews praising the pokemon sapphire remake, but in the negative section stated that there was “too much water”. I mean…..what?!

      • I’ve never read that, but honestly I believe it. My only biggest problem with IGN is that they could be easily bought out and artificially inflate their reviews to trick the people who are smart enough to pre-order and the ones who wait for a review before dropping $60 on a game.

      • I couldn’t agree more. The amount of control utilised by publishers nowadays is startling, especially the preventative embargoes placed on reviews to prevent any negative retaliation effecting the sales of their lazily produced games is scary.

  2. You have a very immense vocabulary sir. Enjoyed the article, and look forward to connecting with more indie game bloggers, as well as reading more of your stuff!

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