6 comments on “Destiny: The Re-Review.

  1. I haven’t played Destiny myself, but I do think that DLC is becoming such an issue in the wider gaming industry. I didn’t know that to play the latest Destiny DLC you had to have purchased the previous two, and I think that’s pretty disgusting. Some DLC should really just be present in the original game, but I think that the industry may be too far gone with making huge profits from DLC that it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

    • It may have something to do with the stories continuity that prevents you from buying The Taken Kings individually. But certainly when I looked at the pricing on PSN, it was all a collated together. And your right that the way in which DLC is marketed and implemented will never change. Shame really.

      • Yeah I suppose that’s true, even so is the story worth the price they charge for DLC? Yeah I suppose the only consolation for ridiculous DLC these days is that if you are willing to wait you can sometimes get GOTY versions of the game with all the DLC included but just means you have to wait quite a while after original release.

      • If you haven’t yet purchased Destiny then perhaps the GOTY version is worth a punt. Though I can’t guarantee that considering I haven’t played, and certainly have no intention of paying the extortionate price for the privilege of all the available Dlc. I’d advice caution to anyone considering buying it.

      • I don’t have any intention to buy it haha. Not only is it ridiculously priced, if I were to play it I would be so far behind everyone level and skills wise I think it would be pretty boring for me.

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