2 comments on “A Friday Night In Hospital.

  1. Ouch. Hope the GF heals up nicely and is happy with you figuring out how that washer works without flooding the home. For the record, experience shows ladies love guys who are a bit more fully domesticated. Her current medicated Queenly status has elevated her (foot, at least) to a bit more respect. But don’t be a dope and only wash ONE of all her pairs of socks. That will get you crowned King once she’s able to walk normally. 😀

    • Yeah she’s in a much better state now thanks. Generally much of the domestic duties are divided between us or by convianance, such as whoever arrives from work first cooks the dinner. I’m usually tasked with tending to the garden and she takes care of the washing. The socks are fine, it’s the number of pink shirts I’ve suddenly accumulated that I’m worried about!

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