3 comments on “I’m Really Bad At Gaming!

  1. Oh, I don’t play shooters much these days other than revisiting Half-Life 2 and some other oldies from time to time. That means I absolutely stink in any competitive FPS shenanigans and it’s totally lousy for me when I go to a media event and yep, there’s a shooter there to partake in. Sometimes I luck out and get a spot next to a guy or gal who’s worse than I am (which helps me look better because if that person isn’t an ally, I get in a few easy kills between getting shot up by other players).

  2. I find that a big display isn’t always best…I bet that projector is amazing for video! When it comes to a fast paces FPS like COD, there’s too much real estate,and it’s hard to follow all the action with your eyes…especially after a few brews. 🙂

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