2 comments on “World Rally Championship Coming This Autumn.

  1. When it comes to games (or anything), YouTube commentary is NOT the way to gauge anything, heh. The sheer pissiness of racing fans who want EVERY driving game as a hardcore sim or it’s garbage is kind of annoying (at least to me). WRC 5 seems to be another one for getting a wider range of gamers into the sport, but that’s the curse of the genre on consoles to some extent. Granted, Project CARS seems to be the game to play if one wants a recently released simulation of sorts. But even then some seem to be griping because they can’t smell rubber burning and choke a bit on gas fumes from their consoles.

    DIRT Rally is Codemasters answer to that (for Rally fans at least), as they went and made a PC-only simmy sort of game that seems to be getting a load of positive buzz in the early access builds. As for WRC, to my cranky self there hasn’t been a good one since Evolution Studios whipped out five of them on the PS2 back in the day (before they ended up doing some fun to play but not as good racers with fake rides for the PS3).

    I do feel sorry for Kylotonn, though. Hopefully they all have thick skins or avoid listening to all the whining on their channel. They’ve got enough work already, making their new game for all those platforms and hoping they all turn out fine…

    • Yeah I try and avoid the unspeakable ignorance of racing fans when it comes to gaming. It’s a shame though they the game hasn’t even been released yet and it’s already being criticised.

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