6 comments on “The Gaming Narcoleptic.

  1. Most RPGs do this to me, adding hours to any timer a game uses. Some of those 99:99:59’s or more I have logged in some major to minor games were probably padded out by nap times ranging from a few minutes to “Holy crap, I left my system on HOW long?”

    In other words, you are not alone… 😀

    • Yeah I must admit that I have fallen asleep on my sofa, controller in hand, drool dripping from my mouth and an annoying celestial light barging into my living room. That’s when you realise that you have achieved nothing in game for 5 hours!

  2. The only times I can remember nodding off whilst playing a video game would be either playing The Sims or SimCity. The hours seem to fly by when engrossed in them, and then the moment you start falling asleep all hell breaks loose, with fires starting almost everytime. Great post buddy!

    • Occasions such as this are made exponentialy worse is the knowledge that all of the hell that followed could have been prevented with a stupid push of the pause button. Stupid lazy eyelids!

  3. Can’t say I’ve ever totally conked out during a game, but if I’m really tired and trying to push my way through a game that involves longish stretches of traveling from point A to point B (like Dragon Age or GTA), I have been known to drift in and out of consciousness for a few minutes. When I “wake up,” I usually find that I’ve either crashed into something or been mauled by an animal.

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