5 comments on “The Game That Haunts My Nightmares!

  1. Ha! I gave up on that chain in Xillia 2 because it’s annoying to do so many times. I still completed the game but was MORE annoyed that I missed out on one of the cats and it happened to be the one you could only get in a certain area that becomes inaccessible after its done. Bleh.

    That said the game I gave up on completely and haven’t gone back to for ages? Muzzle Flash, an Xbox import that’s SO wretchedly frustrating I had to post a lengthy review on GameFaqs to warn people not to play it: http://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox/562242-muzzle-flash/reviews/review-135406

    And yep, that score is generous.

    How bad is this game? Well, the first video I found was of someone cheating (abusing the poor level design and gameplay mechanics) to get through the first near-impossible to complete stage. I got to that second mission with a LOT of patience and hard work but quit after I got killed in the middle of that new stage.

    • Oh those damn felines! I think I was doing OK on those, but I’ll probably never know now. Thankfully if nothing else Xillia was a highly enjoyable game and was never unplayable, unlike it seems Muzzle Flash. Judging by your review you were actually rather generous with your score?

      Sorry it took such a long time to reply. Also great review on a game that seems like simulated turd.

      • Oh, no worries on the delay. I figured you’d fallen asleep in front of your TV again 😀

        Yeah, I was generous with that Muzzle Flash score, but two of the three points can be deducted if you made it through the entire review. As for ToX2, I didn’t know I was missing one last cat until I got to the endgame, caught the one kitty in the final area and saw “99” sitting in my total cats caught tally. I wasn’t 100% sure until I spent the better part of three days backtracking everywhere I could and triple checking some areas where the paw icon was off by a few game feet. Nothing. Bleh.

        I suppose I could do a New Game+ and make sure I get that last kitty one of these days. But I’m not ready to buy a new controller as the combat in this series is known for wrecking controllers. I had to replace two during my time with both Xillias.

      • Your not far off with that fallen asleep quip. Struggling right now! Not sure I could ever go back to either Xillia again, with the exception of Milla Maxwell of course, which is for purely respectful reasons I’ll have you know! Yet I still can’t wait for Tales of Zestiria. I’m a glutton for pain it seems.

      • Don’t forget Tales of Berseria (currently in development)… 😀

        Which reminds me that I need to stock up on controllers.

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