6 comments on “Is The Witcher 3 The Best Game On Current Gen Consoles?

  1. I agree that future titles shouldn’t be dismissed already, but The Witcher 3 could be one of the best titles that has been released on next gen consoles and so it will obviously set some sort of benchmark. Looking forward to your full review of it.

    • It’s certainly going to be a major contributer to the sales of new consoles if nothing else. Should (with some luck and fortified resilience) have my review published tomorrow.

  2. I haven’t played Witcher 3 yet but I’ve heard nothing but great things. Its 200 hours for completion is a little daunting as I fear I may not have the time to really immerse myself, but when the time is right I shall! It may be the best next gen game as it is more accessible than say bloodborne which I absolutely adored and is arguably my favorite next gen game. But I understand bloodborne is not for everybody while the Witcher definitely caters to a broader audience and in this regards more people will experience its glory.

    • It certainly is crowd pleaser and deservedly so from what I’ve experienced. 200 hours certainly is a daunting prospect, but one I’ll certainly endeavour to utilise to my advantage. When I acquire the time that is!
      Appreciate the comment.

  3. I’ve only scratched the surface of the game so far but you can already see the amount of detail that’s gone into the world is staggering. And its nice to see there’s finally a developer who might be able to show Bethesda a thing or two. 🙂

    • I know right. Ive always felt that Bethesda recieve far more attention than their recent products deserve. Not that they’ve been especially bad, but certainly Lacking in textural consistency. Will be interesting to see how well The Elder Scrolls online does in comparison?

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