6 comments on “Why Comfort Is Just As Important As The Game Your Playing.

  1. Comfort is what can make me decide whether or not to play certain consoles, if I can’t hold it comfortably how do you expect me to concentrate on the game or not have sores after an hour? Comfort is so many little things put together and some of these controllers aren’t helping.

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  3. I sit back on the sofa, blanket over me. I also make sure I have everything near me, water, e-cig, phone. Though I can’t relax playing certain games, I can though sit for hours playing Minecraft to help me unwind. I do wish I had someone to feed me during the time I play.

    • See this is why I don’t think technology will ever reach its full potential until we at least have automonal claw that picks up potato based snacks and drops them into our mouths! And scratches that itch on my back that I can’t reach. What are we, neanderthals?!

      • Technology isn’t listening to our need! We need back scratchers and feeders. I can’t keep asking my boyfriend to fetch me snacks and drop them into my mouth!

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