6 comments on “And The BAFTA Goes To……Huh?

  1. While Destiny is not what I would have voted for, it really was slim pickings this year. There’s a lot of good game’s to play, but nothing that immediately comes to mind that truly set itself apart.

    It’s pretty funny that in my opinion Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes probably comes closest to doing this, though I wouldn’t like to label it GOTY either what with it being little more then a teaser which is missing a few important pieces.

    • Yeah last year was just appalling for new releases, which makes destiny’s victory all the more depressing. What really enamoured me was the presenters at the start of the ceremony announcing what a great year for games it was. No it wasn’t!

  2. Destiny? The only good thing about this game was the cheat cave and hundreds of people would shoot for hours. That was fun, the rest of the game well i really don’t think it deserved game of the year.

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