4 comments on “Game On 2015!

  1. Very well written. I don’t think you mentioned what your favorite upcoming title was Sir (although It’s probably Drake, right?). Despite having already preordered Halo 5, I’m skeptical about this new addition. Regardless of how handsome Commander Locke is, having Chief take a backseat leaves me feeling a little concerned. I’m probably most interested in Quantum Break (always had a soft spot for time manipulation), and Until Dawn’s many multiple choice scenarios leaves me with a big grin on my face, although the corny dialogue, rather than the ‘terrifying’ atmosphere, might cause me to run screaming from the room. I was also very interested in Evolve, although I can’t help but think the finished product may not live up to the hype.

    • Of course Uncharted is top of my wish list, but there are a few games I’m excited for. The Witcher 3 looks stunning, as does No mans Sky. Also loved Hotline Miami so I’m looking forward to see how malicious the sequel will be.

  2. At the moment, The Order 1886 & No Man’s Sky have my attention, but beyond that, BF Hardline, GALAK-Z & Hotline Miami 2 will take precedence.

    And I think ‘Kombat’ is spelt with a ‘K’ so that MK’s particular brand of violence is more easily recognised. ‘Combat’ conjures up images of soldiers beating each other to death with metal sticks, ‘Kombat’ on the other hand, of spines being ejected from bodies with bare hands.

    • Can’t wait for Hotline Miami 2, should be spectacularly violent. Your probably right about The special “K”. It’s just something that has always bugged me for some reason.

      Sorry for the late reply. Didn’t realise anyone had commented on this article.

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